Tutoring at The Journey

The Journey wants of offer a Tutoring Program starting the Fall of 2023

When The Journey started we surveyed the community and the number one issue that parents asked us to address was their children’s education. The children in the two elementary schools in our community continually rank in the bottom 15% of schools in EQAO testing in the entire province of Ontario. In one school only 18% of the Grade 3 children met the standard in Math and 17% in Reading in this past year’s EQAO tests.

The children in our community were already behind before COVID-19 and have only fallen further behind, because of the disruption to their education.  These poor scores at such a young age leave the children unmotivated and with low self-esteem. The perfect formula for perpetuating the cycle of poverty into the next generation.

As much as parents recognize the need for tutoring most of the families whom we serve cannot afford the cost. Therefore, The Journey’s goal is to set up a subsidized tutoring program that parents can afford.

The total cost of running the program for one year is $28,000, this is a small cost in comparison to the future success of the children in this program and the breaking of the cycle of poverty.

If you would like to donate to this program, you can go to our Donate Page  Donate – The Journey Neighbourhood Centre and then proceed to our CanadaHelps page and designate your donation for our Tutoring program.

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