Tragedy and Love

Now Playing At The Sunday Gathering – A Story that will leave you in tears of both sorrow and joy. A story that epitomizes being “Better Together”!

We are all much “Better Together”, when we are together with friends, family, co-workers, school mates and at The Sunday Gathering! This week we are looking at my most favourite book in the Bible – Ruth. This is a story of love, loss, devotion, hardship, tragedy, hope, and the future salvation of the entire planet! This is a tragic story of a refugee family that is all but wiped out, of a widow devoted to her mother-in-law and of a man who cared because of duty and then fell in love.

Come out this Sunday to live through one of the most powerful stories of love and devotion in the face of terrible hardship. A story that ends with the main characters having no idea that because of their care for one another a king would be born and a saviour would come to earth.

As always The Sunday Gathering start at 10:30am with great refreshments and progresses through worship, prayer and inspiration.

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