Teena Is Moving On

Tina Dier was offered an employment opportunity that she could not turn down.  So, it is with a mix of joy for Tina and sorrow for us, that we announce that Tina’s last day with The Journey will be June 17.  Tina’s new job will take her out of the Province of Ontario, so we wish her a safe journey and our prayers are with her.  The following statement is Tina’s goodbye, and not quite goodbye for all of us:

I would like to first thank God for placing me here at The Journey. I truly believe I was at the right place at the right time. I also believe God is responsible for granting me an opportunity to do something great for my family.

I am very saddened to have to leave here as it has been my home for the last 2 years and I have grown to love and respect all of you so very much!

I have an opportunity to gain financial security for my family and I, and I have accepted this job. I have never had a hard time moving to wherever God has sent me, however this is by far the hardest time I have had in saying goodbye.

I will miss all of you very much. I would like to thank all of you individually for everything you have added to my life. I have grown these last 2 years and each and every one of you has had a significant role in that. This has been some of my greatest work and you all made it so easy to do!

The journey has been just that, my Journey…

I want to thank all of you for creating memories, friendships and inspirational moments with me for the last 2 years!

The Journey is a fantastic place doing fantastic things and I pray everyone continues to work, enjoy and be inspired by it and all the fabulous people that are a part of it. I have no doubt that everything and everyone will continue on as if I had never left. God is great like that!

I will miss you all so very much! No tears ok…



PS I will be back every 20 days for a week, so you have not entirely gotten rid of me! Lol…See you all around the 10th of July!

Thanks again for everything!

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