Onzhane Walker

Onzhane Walker


My heroes are my daughters because they taught me that loving yourself is the first step to loving others.

A lesson from my mom that I took is that you can create a family with anyone who you love, blood doesn’t make you family but love, respect and loyalty does.

The best thing anyone has ever said about me is that I’m a good listener and advocate for Black and racialized communities.

The one thing that I would like to accomplish before I die is to travel the world.

My favourite meal is oxtail, rice and peas with coleslaw.

In my spare time I like to read books from urban authors.

The most interesting thing about me is my nail designs and my hairstyles.

I am inspired by my Black brothers and sisters, I love the way that we have fought against adversity of every kind, from every place and system.

My favourite movie is the Pursuit of Happiness because it shows the vulnerability of a Black man and father that most do not get to see because of societal and Eurocentric views of what a Black man should act like, talk like or how they express their emotions.

The one thing that I would like to accomplish at The Journey is to allow everyone in the community regardless of creed, language, race or culture to have a safe place to attend where they feel free to be themselves, welcomed and a part of The Journey family where they are seen and heard.