Diana and Helder

This past Friday, November 11, 2022 Helder Frias passed away suddenly, leaving his life-partner Diana and their five children bereaved.

Diana is the second longest serving staff member at The Journey – she has served as our custodian for the past eight years.  As well as faithfully caring for The Journey, Diana has also been a dedicated volunteer (just ask her about decorating for Christmas, baking cookies, helping at events, etc., etc., etc.), and as an involved program Journey participant .

Helder has been a good friend of The Journey as well.  He was very skilled at construction and maintenance work and did many repairs and projects at The Journey.

Diana and Helder’s children, with the exception of their recently born baby, have all been involved at The Journey, both as program participants and volunteers.

We are mourning with Diana and her family at their loss.

A friend of Diana’s has set up a GoFundMe page to assist Diana and her family at this tragic time of loss: GoFundMe

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