Food, Fun, Faith, Fitting!

Ok, so the last word of the above alliteration is a little lame and obscure, but it was the best I could do.

Potluck Sunday – May 21st!

This Sunday, May 21st is Pot Luck Sunday! It is not too late to sign up. In fact, it is not too late, even if you don’t sign up, to come with your best dish. But, the Potluck lunch is not the only thing happening this Sunday. We have a special guest musician – Mr. Steve Allin. And, the message this week is Empowered by the Holy Spirit. It is a practical message about the Spirit’s empowerment in our lives. And, of course, these is always the friendship and great time together.

Live Choir and Guest Speaker – May 28th!

On Sunday, May 28th we have a live special speaker – Debbie Johnson. On May 28th we are actually skipping ahead a week to one of our June messages. Debbie will be talking about the issue of cancer and its impact on our lives. This will be a very relevant (fitting) and personal message for all of us. But, that is not all! The NBUC Choir will also be with us presenting live music.

So, as you can see the next two weeks are all about food and faith and fun and the topics are all very fitting to our life circumstances!

So, see you at The Sunday Gathering – 10:30am at The Journey Neighbourhood Centre.

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