Well, it is that time of year.  We are winding down our programs and getting ready for a very hectic summer.  This is the list:

  • Visions of Science – Finished
  • Thursday Women’s Group (Orenda) – Finished
  • ArtSTART – Finished June 2nd (BTW: No ArtSTART on May 19th)
  • The Learning Spot – Finished May 16th
  • Hammer Band (Orenda) and Art Drop In – Finished May 23rd
  • After School Club – Finished May 24th
  • Empowered by Art – Finished May 25th
  • KidZone – Finished June 21st
  • Artistic Expressions – Ongoing
  • Women’s Wednesday – TBD
  • Think Tank – TBD
  • EarlyON – Ongoing
  • 55+ Club – TBD



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