Monday (3:15pm):                              The Learning Spot             September 30th

Tuesday (3:30pm):                              CASE Teen Club                  October 1st

Wednesday (3:10):                              Raz Kids                              October 9th at SWC

Thursday (9:15am – 11:45am):           Early Years                          Ongoing

Thursday (3:15pm):                             Kidzone                               October 10th

Friday (3pm – 5pm):                            Artistic Expressions             Ongoing

Saturday (11am – 1pm):                     Visions of Science              September 28th

Saturday (1oam – 12pm):                   Art Start                               October 5th

Tues – Thurs (AM) at SWC                  Superstar Readers            


Monday (9:15am – 11:45am):           Early On                                         Ongoing

Tuesday (3:45pm):                            Hammer Band / Art Start               October 15th

Wednesday (3:15pm):                      Afterschool Club                            October 2nd

Thursday (10am – 12pm):                 Thursday Women                           September 12th

Friday (11am – 2pm):                        Empowerment Through Art           September 13th

Last Friday of the Month                   Family Movie Night                        Oct 25 & Nov 29

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