The Journey Neighbourhood Centre is pleased to announce that Carrie Campbell has joined our team as the Community Engagement Facilitator at our Orenda Court Centre.  Carrie started her work with us on Monday, January 6, 2020.

“Carrie Campbell is a life coach and contemporary artist. Raised in Queens New York, momentous life events eventually led her to the GTA.  

Carrie is the owner of an itinerant art and wellness workshop business.  She has exhibited art in numerous curated displays.  Permanent displays of her work can be found at the Family Life Resource Center as well as Hope 24/7, which are both local women’s centers within Brampton.  

As part of a commitment toward spreading communal wellness while developing a progressive community, she is the lead facilitator of various community programs and events, which promote themes of positivity, respect and expression among city residents.”

We welcome Carrie to our team and we look forward to her outreach and engagement with the Orenda Court community.


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