10 families met with the Region of Peel Housing Support Workers this past Thursday. The Housing Support Workers will be back this coming:

Thursday, August 15th from 1pm until 4pm

There are still some appointment spots available.
The Housing Support Workers will:
•  assess the needs of each impacted tenant/family
•  develop in partnership with families, plans to address their needs
•  assist families in finding temporary or permanent housing, starting with options closest to Ardglen and working out from there
•  provide financial assistance where tenants are eligible and using existing eligibility criteria – this may include rent subsidies, assistance with last month’s rent, payments for storage and moving costs etc.
•  transportation assistance (bus tickets)
•  support the families to move into their new permanent or temporary homes by making connections and referrals to needed services and supports
• make referrals to other services and supports as required

If you would like to meet with a Housing Support Worker. Drop by The Journey, or call us and we will set a time.

They will keep coming back until they have seen everyone who needs to see them!

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