On Sunday, June 8, 2014, in the early hours of the morning a fire broke out in the townhouse complex of 59 Ardglen Drive, Brampton.  By the time the fire was out 18 families were homeless and one little boy – Nicolas passed away.  By any measure this fire was a tragedy.

However, our community rose up in response and offered their time, their energy, their money, their prayers, their services and their goods.  By the time the last family was settled into their new home over $380,000 had been received and given out to the families.  Countless hours were offered to assist.   And, more companies, agencies, organizations, groups and individuals than can be remembered or recognized gave of themselves.  One year later, there is still pain and difficult memories, but there has also been healing and restoration.

The remnants of building 59 have been torn down and a new building is now under construction.  So, just as the old has been removed and rebuilt, the lives of those 19 families have undergone transformation and rebuilding.

The following photos are from that terrible day and the many days since.


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