Where Is The Line?

This morning I got to indulge in one of my favourite pastimes.  The ingredients include a La-Z Boy chair, a cup of coffee, usually a cat and the Saturday Toronto Star.  The newspaper was thinner than usual – no separate sports section and a very thin travel section, but the first section was thicker than usual and filled from front to back with COVID-19 stories.

As I read through the stories a question came to mind – Where is the line?  And, there are a lot of lines to consider here.  One story was about whether the Federal Government should invoke the Emergency Act.  Another story was whether EB Games should have been open, because of the long lines generated for a new game release.  Another story was about a Regional Medical Health officer who criticized the response by the government.

There are a lot of lines being drawn, crossed, blurred and many that are just plain invisible, much like the virus.  I walked through Shoppers World yesterday and lot of stores were closed.  I found that some of the decisions to remain open or to close confused me.  Why was a manicure/pedicure salon open, while a luggage store was closed?  Those lines, those decisions, are as personal as the decisions we make about where to go or to even leave our homes.

There are those who say we have gone to far and we have crossed the line from prudence to panic and others who say we haven’t gone far enough.  Years ago I was in Caracas, Venezuela.  There was a fairly high level of violence there at the time.  I remember laying in bed and hearing gunfire all night long.  One day we visited a family living in an apartment building.  They were about 12 stories up and their balcony was completely encased with wrought iron bars.  I asked about it and they explained that they were concerned about robbers climbing up the outside of the building and breaking into their apartment.  I couldn’t help thinking that they had crossed a line.

We all have our own individual lines and there are certainly reasons to be concerned.  The potential is there.  Just look at what is happening in Italy – thousands have died, hundreds of new cases daily, a country completely locked down and no end in sight.  Prudence does make sense.  On the other hand, at the moment the chance of infection in the Region of Peel is still low.  Though another article I read talked about sudden unpredictable waves of infection.

Right now The Journey is still planning to distribute food hampers, activity kits, making computers available, etc., but maybe by Monday, that will all have to change.  We don’t know where the line will be 48 hours from now.

So, be wise.  Draw your lines carefully.  The writer of Proverbs wrote:

The gullible believe anything they’re told; the prudent sift and weigh every word. – Proverb 14:15

Take care.  We are thinking about you and praying a lot.

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