Virtual Summer Day Camp!

Dear Parent, does this conversation sound familiar?

Your kid: “I’m bored.”
You: “Then do something.”
Your kid: “Like what?”
You: “Anything!” meanwhile you’re thinking, “Just give me a break.”

We get it!

Your kids are bored and you ran out of stuff for them to do in April.  We have been thinking about what to do with our Summer Day Camp.  Camp is popular with your children and camp is popular for you, because you get six hours of peace!

“Camp is popular for you, because you get six hours of peace!”

The Journey’s in-house Summer Day Camp can’t happen this summer.

So, The Journey is going to run a “virtual camp” this summer.

“The Journey’s Virtual Summer Camp”

So, what is a virtual summer day camp?  Well, it is a combination of live over the internet interaction, and prepared activities that your children can do on their own time.


  • Daily programming, with fun extra activities.
  • Live programming: Zoom meetings with camp leaders.
  • Pre-recorded programming posted on the internet.
  • Internet links to our partners, such as Brampton Library and TRCA.
  • Pre-packaged activity and craft kits for families who have registered.

The Details:

  • Camp will run from Monday, July 6th until Friday August 14th.
  • There will be two camp age ranges: 6-8 years and 9-11 years.
  • There a total of 18 family registrations.
  • Camp is free this year.


  • Children will need access to the internet (minimum access to a smart phone)
  • To be able participate in the Zoom meetings
  • And to have access our Facebook resources and links, or our website postings.


  • Registration will open on Monday, June 15th.
  • Registration is via email, messenger, or the Contact Us form on our website.
  • Registration will be first come, first served.
  • No advanced registration. No Phone Registration.

By registering you get free craft and activity kits and participation in the live Zoom meetings.

“Alyssa, Lauren and Sierra are back!”

Three of our camp leaders are returning to run our camp and virtually connect with your kids.  We believe that this will an interesting, educational and fun camp for your kids.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have.

We wish that we could give you that 6-hour break, but at least we can give you the answer to the question, “Like what?”


This year’s summer day camp will be virtual. The age range is 6 to 11 years of age. We have a registration limit of 18 families (9 for each age range). Registration will start on Monday, June 15, 2020. It is first come first serve. We are not taking advance registration, nor are we taking phone registration.

To register you can fill in the Contact Us form, email us, or send us a Messenger message. At this point we just need your name, contact information and the names and ages of your children. We will follow-up with you to get the rest of the details.

For the Page with the Contact Us form CLICK HERE!