Update – April 21/20 – Ontario and Brampton


Education – April 20th

Government of Ontario Reaches Final Agreement with OSSTF

Parents still have time to apply for Support for Parents, financial support provided to parents for each day of school or child care their child missed on account of a labour disruption.

Auto – April 16th

The Ontario government is enabling auto insurance companies to provide temporary insurance premium rebates to drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The province has amended a regulation under the Insurance Act to help ease the financial pressure on working people and families during this public health crisis.

By amending this regulation insurance companies would be able to provide auto insurance premium rebates to consumers for up to 12 months after the declared emergency has ended.


BRAMPTON (April 16, 2020)

In response to COVID-19 and to ensure Brampton Transit is serving its community safely, bus service will be changed as follows until further notice, effective Friday, April 17.

Route 8 Centre

Access to Bramalea City Centre, Peel Memorial Centre and Brampton Gateway Terminal.

• 50-minute frequency
• First trip departing at 5 AM from Bramalea Terminal
• First trip departing at 5:50 AM from Brampton Gateway Terminal

Route 9 Vodden

Access to Mount Pleasant GO, Bramalea Terminal and employment areas in the east end.

• 60-minute frequency
• First eastbound trip departing at 5 AM from Mount Pleasant GO
• First westbound trip departing at 5:57 AM from Williams Parkway and Edvac Drive

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