One Day The News Will Be Good Again

It seems like every time there is a news conference the news keeps getting worse – this is closed, that is restricted, more infections, its going to get worse, don’t know how long, etc., etc.

It can get very depressing and it leaves you wondering, will this ever end.  I read an article online today that basically said – governments have no exit strategy, because they have never been here before.  Hardly reassuring, even if it was honest.

Well, yes it is a very difficult time.  At little scary, maybe very scary.  The uncertainty can be overwhelming. But, one day there will be good news again.  One day the schools will reopen.  One day we will be able to sit down in a restaurant.  One day the library, gym, courts, hair saloon, etc., etc. will be open.  One day there will be toilet paper in the stores.  One day life will settle back to some kind of normality.

So, our problem isn’t that things will never get better.  Our problem, our challenge is getting from here to there.  Finding ways to deal with the isolation, inconvenience, loss of salary, lack of toilet paper and most important the growing discomfort and fear.

When I was a kid the cold war was in full swing.  I remember my parents talking with friends who were seriously considering building a bomb shelter.  I remember that on really stormy wet days the air raid siren on the local school roof would go off.  I remember the drawing in the newspaper of the concentric rings of destruction if a nuclear bomb went off at city hall.  And what was truly scary, was that these were “normal” times, at least for me growing up.

Yet, one day the news got better and better and better.  The nuclear destruction maps were filed away, along with the plans for bomb shelters.  The air raid siren was removed.  And, we worried about something else.

This will pass.  And, how we handle the time between now and then, will determine our individual well being.  Be safe.  Take care.  But try, try, try, to not be overwhelmed.  Work hard at finding the positive things.  Look for the good, for the benefits, for the opportunities.  They are there.

We at The Journey are looking for opportunities and we will have some good things to share next week – food hampers, shoe boxes with “women’s stuff” in them, finding a way for kids to use our computer for this new online “learn at home” initiative, etc., etc.  We have posted lots and lots of links for activities and information on our website.  We are stocking “Little Library” with colouring pages, crayons, etc..  We have been distributing activity packs and we will make more.  We are looking for even more ideas how we can serve our community.

Hang in there.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.  We will get through this together.  One day the news will be good again!

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