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Monday 🙂 or 🙁

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Monday mornings can be a challenge!  But, here at The Journey we are always up for a challenge.  Today at The Journey we have the Couponing Club meeting at 9:30am and Homework Club at 3:15 and in between we have lots of all the other stuff we do like a staff meeting, prepping for programs, handing out flyers, researching new projects, speaking at a luncheon meeting, shopping for supplies, meeting up with community members, etc., etc. and etc.!!  So, if your Monday is a 🙁 drop by The Journey and turn is around 🙂...

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Upside Down Living

The Sunday Gathering is starting a new message series that is sure to both inspire and challenge you.  Jesus taught a lot of radical stuff that still today challenges us about...

Halloween Candy

Halloween is coming soon and we are preparing to open up The Journey for our neighbourhood kids to trick or treat.  We are looking for donations of candy to hand...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a great Thanksgiving.  The Journey is back open again tomorrow.

Quarterly Report!

We have just released our latest report! Just click here for some great reading about our programs: The Journey Quarterly Update – Oct 2016

Parent Support Group

This Tuesday the support group for parents of children with learning disabilities will be meeting at The Journey. This is a great opportunity to get together with parents and experts...

Family Literacy

The Journey is offering a fun family program for children 0-6 to develop a love for and capability to read. There is a lot more information on this PAGE!  ...

Program Launch Update

We are in the midst of launching all of our fall programs.  Check out our Events Page for the latest updates!