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There’s a saying that it is better to keep your mouth shut, then to open it and confirm what people have always suspected about you!  Well here I am again.  For months it has been suggested that I do the Facebook Live things in order to promote The Journey and The Sunday Gathering.

So, now that I am doing it, we have very little to promote, since we are pretty much closed.

The suggestion now is that we need to encourage people who are fearful and overwhelmed by the impact of the response to the virus – closures, runs on toilet paper, safe social distancing, etc.

Yesterday I was talking with some moms.  I was in the doorway to The Journey and they were 10 feet away with their little ones.  One of the younger ones suddenly bolted towards me with her arms wide open wanting to give me a hug.  It pierced my heart when we all yelled at her to stop.  I watched as she totally deflated and walked head down back to her mom.

The message she received at that moment was pretty much the opposite of the message we want to give.  Yes, it was important that she not hug me.  I have been to stores and interacting with people and back and forth to my apartment, etc., etc., so I do provide a risk that she needs to avoid.

But, how do we reassure our children, how do we reassure one another.  Jesus disciple John once wrote that:

“There is no fear in love; perfect love drives out all fear.” – 1 John 4:18 (GNT)

First and foremost, we need to love.  Our children need the reassurance that they are loved, loved deeply.  Our actions for that little girl was out of love.  We didn’t want to put her in a position of possibly being harmed.  What comes next is to then help her and all the other little ones like her to understand the love behind our actions.  Even though The Journey has policies about hugging children (i.e. they can hug me, but I don’t hug back), when it is safe to do so I will give her a hug.  I want her to know that the affection she has for me and the staff at The Journey is also ours for her.

So, love, love deeply, it does drive out fear.

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