ECLYPSE Youth Centre’s Virtual May 2020 Program

Please see below the ECLYPSE youth centre’s virtual May 2020 program, for youth that are interested in signing up for a program or two, in order to earn community service hours or to just be a part of our online learning space!

All programs are free! The programs that count toward hours are as follows:

Monday: Social Justice
Tuesday:  Stress Less!; Girl Talk
Wednesday: PRISM
Thursday: Leadership
Friday: Guys Domain; Q&A

All other programs/workshops are for learning or entertainment outlets during the pandemic. We still encourage you to register for any of our programs to reflect during these times but also to learn, educate and to be empowered!

Social Justice Mondays 4-6pm: Our social justice program allows youth to have meaningful discussions on various social justice issues happening in their community and around the world. This program also examines different privileges and disadvantages, encouraging empathy and understanding for others.

Stress Less! Tuesdays 1:30pm-3:30pm: Having a difficult time isolating and dealing with the uncertainty of everything right now? The struggle is real but we’re here to support. Join our Stress Less! program to have conversations and get creative covering topics like self-care, coping and healthy living during quarantine.

Girl Talk Tuesdays 4-6pm: Girl Talk is a program for young women/individuals who identify as female between the ages of 13-19. In this program, they will discuss various topics, such as self-esteem and body image, managing emotions, goal setting, and many more. The objective is for young women to reflect on and evaluate their current thoughts, feelings, and life choices.

ECLYPSE’s Employment Program Wednesdays 1-3pm: Assists youth with creating/revamping resumes, learning interviewing skills/job readiness, job search and applications. – *Employment Program: This is a drop-in program. Youth DO NOT receive hours for this. PRISM Wednesdays 4-6 pm: Our LGBTQ+ group is a safe and supportive space for youth who identify as LGBTQ+ or support the LGBTQ+ community and would like to learn more. Various topics discussed in group include: Relationships, Coming Out, Resilience, and Self-Care.

Leadership Thursdays 4-6pm: The leadership program is designed to help youth the leadership qualities that they already have and enable them to develop new ones. This program has a variety of team building activities and will help the youth build strong communication skills and self-esteem. It will also help them be aware of social justice issues that are going on today. The activities will help youth to speak up against the challenges they face.

Girls Night In Thursdays 6:30-8:30pm: It’s your same favorite girls as the same time Online! Girls Night IN was created with 3 goals in mind: Talk, it and have fun. Bring your favorite snack as we interact online over games and your favorite topics as we support each other with sound advice. Topics include, relationships, anxiety, depression, building self esteem and finding your passion. As part of this group, youth will make new friends online, and build yourself-confidence in a positive, open-minded forum of teens and young adults.

Guys Domain Fridays 1-3pm: Guys Domain is a program for young men/individuals who identify as male between the ages of 13-19. In this program, they will discuss various topics, such as managing emotions/behaviours, street smarts, healthy relationships, responsible decision making, and more.

Q&A Fridays 3:30-5:30pm: Q&A: Queers & Allies: Queers & Allies is a program where youth will have a 1 on 1 session from 1-3PM where they can inquire about specific needs like; housing, LGBTQ+ resources, counselling resources, etc. *These are not counselling sessions* Sessions are 20 minutes long and will have to be booked in advance, youth cannot book more than one session per Monday. From 3-4PM there is a group portion where youth are able to talk about more complex topics and dive deeper into than the “base line” conversations provided in the PRISM 5-7PM group.


It is super easy.

If you are interested in registering for a program, please follow the information and steps below.

  1. Respond to the email of the program facilitator whose name can be found on our program calendar or the specific program flyer on or before the first day of program! The info that you would need to respond with is: your name, your email address & age
  2. Download the ZOOM app.
  3. Fill out our Participation Contract and Online Confidentiality Form, and send it back to your facilitator
  4. Once both forms have been received, we will send you the ZOOM code for program, the day of program!
  5. Check out @eclypseyouth IG page for updates and more information, around programming.
  6. THAT’S IT!



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