Busy Week

Every week is a busy week at The Journey.  So, don’t forget Homework Club (Gr.3-5) and Page Turners (Teen Reading Club) are on today right after school; Hammer Band (Violin Lessons) right after school, Think Tank (Teen Homework Club) right after school, and the Parent Support Group (parents with children with learning disabilities) at 7pm, on Tuesday; Women’s Wednesdays (9:30am – 11:30m) and Homework Club (after school) on Wednesday; Early Years (moms and tots) from 9:30am until 11am and Kidzone (JK-Gr.5) right after school on Thursday; Freaky Friday family cooking on Friday evening from 5pm until they are done; ArtStart (Gr 2 and up) on Saturday from 10am until noon and Sunday Get Together from 10:30am until noon on Sunday!

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