Big Sunday!

The Sunday Gathering is going to be awesome this week. Not only is this the last and possibly most important “I AM” message of the series, and not only are we celebrating communion, but we also have, The Uprising singing with us!

So, this Sunday’s message is Jesus’ statement, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” This is a statement that has profound eternal and present day consequences. This week wraps up the “I AM” series, as we move forward towards Easter.

And, as we move towards Easter, we will celebrate communion, an opportunity to remember all that Christ did for us and offers us.

Finally, The Uprising, the youth singing group, will be with us tomorrow and sharing their talents.

All, this and a time of great fellowship, worship, refreshment and refreshments, and inspiration.

Sunday morning 10:30am – The Sunday Gathering at The Journey Neighbourhood Centre.

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