Your financial support contributes significantly towards the mission of The Journey in bringing transformation to our neighbourhood.  By financially supporting The Journey you help us to provide homework assistance to children, healthy snacks, transformative programming and practical assistance, care and support.

While The Journey is very generously supported through The United Way, Ontario Trillium Foundation, North Bramalea United Church and United Church of Canada it is the financial support from individuals such as you that enables us to be effective in our mission.

If you would like to financially support The Journey, you can donate through Canada Helps.

Donate Now Through!

CanadaHelps is a registered charity and nonprofit social enterprise.

CanadaHelps mission is to promote – and ultimately increase – charitable giving in Canada. Because CanadaHelps is a non-profit our fees are typically half that of the for-profit alternatives. We do this servicing Canadian donors, charities and corporations.

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